The debut Sunset Neon album, Starlight, is a blast of VHS inspired 80s nostalgia from Los Angeles artist/producer Bret, best known for

The self-titled, debut Celldweller album, released independently in 2003, has achieved a number of accolades and awards, from Billboard charting to industry

Over 2 hours of glitch and funky tracks from FiXT & Subterra Records, featuring music from Blue Stahli, Celldweller, SeamlessR, Hecq, Black

The Circle of Dust Documentary is nearing completion. The team is busy at work in the editing bay, but we need just

Klayton (Celldweller) & FiXT are proud to present Raizer’s official music video for “Dawn.” Raizer was signed by Klayton to his independently owned/operated

Celldweller brings the heavy in this powerful remix from European artist/producer Drop, best known as a member of Sybreed! Just 1 of 30+ “Best-Of” Celldweller

SUNSET NEON – the new moniker of multi-genre artist/producer Blue Stahli – has shared his new single “You Are The

Chill out to this experimental remix of Blue Stahli’s “Metamorphosis” from FiXT label-mate lvl. Originally released under the moniker ‘Soknot Lebel’ during the

Hailing from Eastern Europe, Titan Slayer delivers his debut Film/TV/Video Game/Trailer album with Subterra Records.

Transhumanity is a hybrid cinematic fusion of rock,

Over 4.5 hours of Synthwave and ’80s Retro tracks from FiXT & Subterra Records, featuring music from Scandroid, Sunset Neon, Mega Drive,

The winning remix from the 2007 ‘Take It & Break It’ remix contest, is available now on music streaming platforms for the first

“Scandroid’s ability to channel the retro feel of the 1980s is unprecedented…” –

Detroit, MI – Electronic artist/producer Scandroid has released his

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