Venezuelan metal/drum & bass producer Zardonic has realigned his orbit of the galaxy with the Celldweller mothership with his world-crushing remix of “Electric

Scandroid has released “Oblivia” an instrumental synthwave single from his upcoming sophomore album, Monochrome.

“Scandroid promptly returns to original content with a

Echosynthetic is all about electronic music…whether it be synthwave, synthpop, EBM, industrial, or anything in between. They provide reviews of albums, both new

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“He doesn’t care about the mainstream – he creates for himself.” – Garage Band Gamers

Take a peek inside the

Scandroid has premiered his anticipated cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” this morning via

“…while Jackson’s original doesn’t need any improving, the bombastic

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Choose your allegiance of good vs. evil and “Suit Up” in this high-octane cyberpunk collaboration between hip-hop’s Southpaw Swagger with electronic-rock artist/producer Blue

“From the album comes lead single, “Tonight,” and to be honest, it’s the best damn thing I’ve heard in a very long time.

Inside Music is a show about life in the modern music business. Each week, host James Shotwell speaks with a musician

“the album sounds like it belongs on Stranger Things”

“Synthwave has never sounded better

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