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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FIXT to Release Latest Blue Stahli Single "Corner" on Tues, April 27th

Blue Stahli - "Corner"

"Corner", Blue Stahli's sixth single, is the last stop before the artist's full length album comes later this year. Corner exhibits all we've come to expect from Stahli. Menacing bass-line grooves set the scene for huge metal guitar riffs, and Bret's agile vocal work will in one moment match the aggressiveness of the guitar attack but in the next will contrast it with smooth melody. And, once again, top-notch production and electronic flourishes take what would be simply a great rock song and bring it up to a level of hybrid wonder that says, in no uncertain terms, that Stahli is more than worthy of your attention.

The release will come in both a standard version with Instrumental as well as a Deluxe Version with Bonus Content, including Beta Cessions Demos and Audio Commentary.

Available Tuesday, April 27th, at the FiXT Store.



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