Artist Updates From FreqGen, Klayton, Scandroid & Blue Stahli

We’re kicking off a new weekly artist update column on FiXTonline today, to bring you the latest insights into what’s upcoming from the world of FiXT. We will be releasing music every single week in 2018, so we hope this will keep you in the loop on all the upcoming activity!

This week, dive into updates from FreqGen, Klayton, Scandroid & Blue Stahli!

The next FreqGen single from Klayton, “Suspended Animation,” was recently completed in the studio. Ninja Jo is wrapping up a new astronaut inspired image for the cover art right now. Expect it to arrive in early February.

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Klayton has printed the final track of 7 new Film/Trailer cues, coming in Spring 2018 and has also begun guitar & electronic sound design work on an upcoming film scored by Steve Jablonski. Stay tuned as more details on both of these projects become available.

Following in the footsteps of the debut Scandroid album, the FiXT team is planning a full remix album to complement Scandroid’s sophomore album, Monochrome. We already have 6 excited remixes in hand and are busy behind the scenes rounding out the 2nd half of the release, expected in early Q2 2017.

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Blue Stahli
Bret has just wrapped an exciting new remix for a non-FiXT artist coming later in 2018 and is closing in on the writing phase of 2 brand new Blue Stahli vocal tracks. This week & next week will see the return of several Blue Stahli remixes returning to streaming services, from previous releases on Chapters 01 & 02 of The Devil.

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