Behind The Label: Remixes

In this new series, we’ll take you Behind The Label and give unprecedented access & insights to FiXT, how we operate and think about certain things just a little bit differently than others. In this inaugural feature, we’ll dive deep into the world of Remixes.

Remixes: A FiXT Cornerstone

FiXT has a long history with remixes. Shortly after the label was formed in 2006, FiXT hosted/managed the Celldweller Take It & Break It Remix Contests, which later became FiXT Remix. Throughout FiXT’s tenure of hosting remix contests, over 15,000 people joined the site, as either remixers or fans/listeners and the community created thousands upon thousands of remixes. The contests attracted both veteran producers as well as aspiring artists and newcomers, many of which had never touched audio production before.

From these contests, we learned a lot and have expanded from the occasional remix contest to approaching artists directly for official remixes. From our 10+ years of remix experience, we’ve accumulated a collection of thoughts, strategies and benefits involved producing remix content. Let’s dive in!


Remixes pay homage to the original song, and whether created by a fan or peer, create a connection between the original artist and remixer. This provides a sense of collaboration and opportunity for cross-promotion and discovery between fan bases that may not have otherwise intersected. Remixes also allow the original artists an opportunity to work with producers they have admired and the enjoyment of seeing what their contemporaries do with their songs. Remixes encourage fan interaction and engagement, as well as serve to expand the reach of the original to industry partners, such as press, distribution and retail outlets, DJs, and others. They also maintain a flow of content to the public while the artists are working on new material behind the scenes.

Discovery Tool:

Focusing on the discovery aspect, remixes have not only brought new artists to light for fans of existing FiXT artists but have been an incredible A&R tool for FiXT to discover new artists to sign and work with on original material.

Voicians is a classic case-study. He was a classically trained musician but was not creating original music until he experimented with remixing during several Celldweller & FiXT Remix contests. He developed his production chops through remixing and grew such a following that he started producing original music, later signing multiple original releases with FiXT.

An example of how an official remix led to a new artist joining the FiXT roster is The Anix. Originally we approached him only about remixing a Circle of Dust track (“Hive Mind”). Through the pleasant experience of working with The Anix on the remix, the conversation opened up into a multi-album record deal! A good way to preview what artists may be joining the FiXT label roster in the future is to look for artists who have already done official remixes for FiXT. It gives us an opportunity to work with an artist and get to know them and build a relationship with them (and vice versa) before asking them for a commitment of signing a record contract.

As another tool in our belt, remixes have also provided a powerful way to cross-promote existing FiXT artists to fans of their fellow label-mates. Raizer’s remix of Circle or Dust’s “Outside In” opened them up to a whole new set of fans who had not previously given them a chance. These opportunities create win-win scenarios for everyone!


Remixes are an investment of time, care, and money. It’s a service to our artists and to our community. It takes a lot of time and effort from the FiXT team to coordinate and oversee remix releases. The number and quality of the remixes we’ve been able to release from both contests and officially commissioned projects is a testament to the dedication and care of the team. The more remixes you see for a particular artist is also a testament to the maturity, health, and legacy of the artist – that their career can inspire and empower such remixes.

A Fresh Listen:

If you have glossed over FiXT’s remix releases in the past, we hope you’ll take a fresh look and listen, with a new perspective and appreciation for the craftsmanship and effort put into them. And in the new age of streaming, you don’t have to pay for anything extra to enjoy them – try them out on Spotify or other streaming platforms, and save what you like to your personal library or playlists. If you really like a particular remixer, consider following them on their own social media pages and sharing the remix out with other fans/friends and encourage more discovery and cross-promotion.

If you’re already a fan of FiXT’s approach to remixes, we’ve got plenty of exciting things ahead! Fresh remixes of tracks old and new, from new artists and remixers that we’re thrilled to share with you!

FiXT: Remixes

As a primer to the FiXT Remix experience, we’ve launched a brand new playlist on Spotify, aptly titled “FiXT: Remix” featuring 75 tracks, updated monthly.

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Special Thanks

As a personal note, I’d like to thank not only the fans who have supported FiXT, our remix contests, and our official remix releases over the years but THANKS to all the remixers! To name-drop just a few of them, (and my apologies for not being able to list out every single remixer), thanks to: Blue Stahli, Josh Money, Voicians, The Luna Sequence, Drop, Delta-S, Paul Udarov, Tim Ismag, Muzzy, The Magic Puppet, Zardonic, Sebastian Komor, DJ Lee, KJ Sawka, Animattronic, SeamlessR, Rabbit Junk, KATFYR, Growling Machines, Copy Paste Repeat, Neuroticfish, RIOT 87, 3FORCE, Red Devil, Audesi, PYLOT, The Anix, Raizer, Bullet of Reason, Martin Harp, Turboslash, Matt Lange, Drumcorps, Maks_SF / Entropy Zero, Hecq, Waveshaper, Neurojax, Jay Ray, The Algorithm, Neon Sky, Varien, Deprogrammed, Nigel Stanford, Hyperceptiohm, Comaduster, TweakerRay, Rockman, and so many more!

– Thanks!
James Rhodes | FiXT
Co-Founder & General Manager