FiXT First: Fury Weekend Signs To FiXT Neon

Fury Weekend

Fury Weekend

Fury Weekend is a one-man synthwave act putting a rugged, futuristic spin on retro synth music. The pioneering project was born in 2017 when Belarus-based Ars Nikonov chose to combine his love of classic rock, electronic music, and ‘80s culture into a forward-thinking music venture. The result has sent ripples across the edges of retrowave music and helped to set the stage for a new era of the genre.

The versatility of Ars’ songwriting and his top-notch production as Fury Weekend should come as no surprise, as he’s an experienced creator who’s honed his skills working in diverse genres from EBM and tribal industrial to post-rock. Projects like Diversant: 13, Cold in May, Martian Love, Seanine, and Tribal A.D. fill Ars’ creative resume, and Fury Weekend is the veteran artist’s latest ambitious music journey.

That journey began in 2017 with the release of Fury Weekend’s debut EP, Sunset Overdrive, which connected the nostalgic allure of traditional synthwave music with rock and metal-infused guitar. The result simultaneously represents music’s past and its future.

The strength of the EP earned equal acclaim from synthwave fans and critics, who embraced its unique stylistic approach and adrenaline-fueled delivery. “Till the Dawn” was especially well received, landing on NewRetroWave’s hugely popular YouTube channel and gathering thousands of upvotes in the process. Tracks like “Chasing Stars” found similar success, making it onto year-end lists of the best synthwave songs of 2017.

Sunset Overdrive was a hit, but it was only the beginning for Fury Weekend. The artist made an even greater impact with 2017’s full-length album, Retro Rangers. Packed end-to-end with riveting guitar work and captivating synth solos, the album confirmed Fury Weekend’s ability to deliver on a large scale.

2018 saw the release of two more exciting EPs, first on Stranger in LA and then Avengers After Dark. Both recordings extended Fury Weekend’s stylistic exploration while maintaining the energetic and beautifully melodic cyber-synthwave sound fans have come to love. Avengers after Dark in particular featured a bigger sound and more ambitious production techniques than anything from the artist’s past discography.

Ars is just getting warmed up.

In the summer of 2018, Fury Weekend inked a deal with the independent, artist-owned powerhouse label FiXT, within their synth inspired sub-label FiXT Neon. In addition to repackaging all four previous recordings for re-release, FiXT is preparing to launch the next era in Fury Weekend’s impressive career. The move is sure to be a game-changer for the artist, the record label, and the rest of the synthwave world. With a large fanbase already onboard, Fury Weekend is set to redefine the future of retro music.

Avengers After Dark, Retro Rangers, Stranger in LA, & Sunset Overdrive

Fury Weekend has garnered tons of attention over the years with hit tracks on all four releases, and we’re here to break down each release for both old & new listeners

Stranger in LA

Fury Weekend delves deeper into unexplored territory on their third recording, Stranger in LA. The synthwave heavyweight has already demonstrated his ability to mix rugged guitar work with future-minded synthwave, and he takes it to the next level with cyberpunk undertones on “Down to Route 66” and “Malibu Knights.” Fury Weekend hasn’t lost touch with his retro roots though, as “Hollywood Riding” and “Stranger in LA” take classic outrun songwriting and fortify it with metallic guitar riffs and a dense dystopian atmosphere. The Stranger in LA EP is just one more reason to get behind this exciting project.


Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive put the synthwave genre on notice and made Fury Weekend one of the hottest new projects of 2017. His no-nonsense approach strips the glittery paint off the synthwave genre and gives it a gritty new sound that will please fans of retro music’s dark side. This debut EP is loaded with the producer’s signature style, mixing bold synth melodies with heavy guitar riffs and delivering dueling lead sections with top-flight production. There’s no better place to climb aboard Fury Weekend’s trailblazing discography than Sunset Overdrive.


Retro Rangers

Building on the excellence of his debut EP, Fury Weekend returns with a blistering full-length album packed with the hybrid synth-metal sound fans have come to expect. Retro Rangers brings nine new synthwave songs to the table, each one infused with elaborate melodies and gutsy guitar performances for a unique take on the genre. Tense, grinding tracks alternate with measured melodic gems on Retro Rangers in a full display of the producer’s songwriting chops. No synthwave collection is complete without this evolution of the style from Fury Weekend.


Avengers After Dark

Avengers After Dark is Fury Weekend’s most ambitious journey to the edges of synthwave yet, and the result delivers four more tracks that redefine the future of the genre. With a sound that is bigger and more impressive than ever, the producer cranks out energetic rhythms on “Black to the Future” and sweep through harmonized guitar and synth leads on “The Vanishing, Pt. II” for a healthy selection of music. Current fans will be more than pleased with this outing while new listeners will find Avengers After Dark to be the perfect jumping-on point.



About FiXT Neon:

FiXT is already known as a pioneering force in hybrid electronic-rock music. Now, the internationally recognized record label has set its sights on a bold new horizon. Its newest sub-label, FiXT Neon, is dedicated to the synth-heavy sounds of synthwave, chillwave and indie-pop.

Just as the central FiXT label has redefined independent electronic-rock for more than a decade, the goal of FiXT Neon is to provide a launching pad for talented up-and-coming artists. This is great news for retrosynth fans, who will be able to find the most exciting and ambitious artists of the new era under one label.

FiXT Neon enters the genre with a trailblazing attitude. With Scandroid, Sunset Neon, and Fury Weekend forming the debut lineup, the label has already made an impact on the genre, and its future-minded emphasis on synth music is set to expand the possibilities for innovative artists and fans looking for the next big thing.

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