Inside FiXT: An ‘Antisleep’ Interview with Blue Stahli

Q1: What can fans expect from Antisleep Vol. 04? What’s unique about this release?

I think what’s rad about this one is that it goes back to the wild genre-hopping of Antisleep Vol. 01 and Vol. 02. It’s more that it’s a return to form for the Antisleep series of being a crazy ride that sounds like you’re spinning a radio dial, or listening to a movie soundtrack with multiple artists.

Q2: What’s your favorite track from the Antisleep series (Vol. 01 – 04) as a whole and why?

That’s a freakishly tough question. I like that Sunset Neon provided the last piece of the blueprint for the actual Sunset Neon project. Overklock will always have a special place because I made the basics of that one before I moved to Detroit and got signed, so it’s great to have something that I dreamed of more people hearing not only show up on their stereos, but also on TV. I love weirdo sound collage stuff, so I have a soft spot for the sound-designy things from Antisleep 3 (Transmission from Hell, Something In the Woods, The Ritual). I’ve always wanted to do a TON more songs like Regret, and I still remember when I was first moved to write it. Secret Agent Business for a variety of reasons, some of those being the absolutely badass art on the poster and shirt to accompany it. Really, it’s too difficult to choose because it all depends on the mood I’m in…which is actually a perfect illustration of why I do so many different styles. I want Blue Stahli to be something you can pop on no matter what mood you’re in and find a few songs that are perfect for your life, right in that moment.

Q3: What’s a Film/TV/Video Game that you’d most like to see a track from AS4 end up in?

If Chewing Gum got a third season, I’d love to have *any* song show up there! I really love what Neill Blomkamp is doing with Oats Studios and that would be full on rad. I would lose my mind if something showed up in Black Panther, Deadpool 2, The Punisher, and I’m super excited to see what Netflix does with adapting one of my favorite books of all time, ‘Altered Carbon’. And of course, of course, Ready Player One.

Q4: What’s next on the horizon for Blue Stahli?

I’m finishing up the debut Sunset Neon record in mere weeks. There are some awesome Blue Stahli tracks that were floating around for a while that were never officially released and will finally be hitting joints like Spotify so it’s easier for people to spin ‘em properly. I’ll be releasing a very cinematic cover of a classic song that should get you in the mood for some cyberpunk action. A collaboration with a really talented dude will be showing up. I’ve got a few other odd ends to do musically, then it’s on to doing the next Blue Stahli vocal album. Musically, the whole record is demo’d out, so I’ll be able to hit the ground running and start giving you regular bursts of Blue Stahli weirdness.

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