Richy Nix


Richy Nix was born with his back against the wall.

He’s always felt pressure — from being raised in poverty, living out of a suitcase for most of his childhood — to being beaten black and blue on the playground throughout school. Richy Nix knows how to overcome adversity. He knows how to fight his way out of a corner.

And that’s what Richy’s music, a hybrid mixture of hip-hop, metal, and electronic rock, best represents: the willingness and ability to create something both aggressive and beautiful out of the most unlikely circumstances. Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Richy’s music is like a phoenix risen from the ashes of the life that he saw constantly crumbling from underneath him.

“I was quiet at school…l I got picked on a lot and beat up,” Richy said. “I’d come home with black eyes and bloody noses and I’d have to watch over my sisters. It’s a terrible feeling…being curled into a ball on the ground getting kicked by a group of guys and not knowing when it would stop. I’m sure it’s why I always had sleeping problems and the only way I could sleep was by listening to music and rocking my self to sleep.”

Starting his career after struggling through high school, Richy built a name for himself by fusing his two loves together: metal and hip-hop. He felt he had reached as high as he could go locally — so he branched out nationally, looking for anyone who would give him a shot at his dream of spreading his message.

“After playing countless shows in Windsor and Detroit I had felt like I hit the ceiling,” Richy admitted. “The shows weren’t getting any bigger.”

Between the support of Detroit radio station 89X and Richy traveling across North America, he began to gain attention from labels — including that of Universal Republic Records. Being one of the most diverse crossover artists in the game, he signed to Universal Republic, sharing the stage with the likes of Papa Roach, Snoop Dogg, Deftones, and many others both on tour and at festivals such as Bamboozle and Rock on the Range.

The major label honeymoon for Richy came to a crash landing — and he found himself, again, with his back against the wall. He went from having everything he had dreamed and worked for at the edge of his fingertips to having it all ripped from him at the last hour. He was broken and his career seemed lost. But that’s not Richy — he’s not someone to just give up when things get tough…and that’s why he fits in perfect with FiXT, the independent electronic rock powerhouse. He, just like FiXT’s co-founder and owner Klayton, went through the major label tribulation and came out knowing independence and a DIY mentality is what suits himself best.

After joining the FiXT roster in 2015, he is ready to fight back against those who have questioned him and soar higher than ever with his latest studio effort, Fearless.

Fearless is an abrasive, yet strongly transparent record — booming and gripping with heavy breakdowns while still being uplighting and melodic at times. It’s a record that culminates every aspect of Richy’s upbringing — from the darkest dark to the highest high.

Tracks like “Erase You” and “Your Time Is Over” show Richy at his deepest and most powerful, ready to lash out at any moment — while songs like “I’ll Be King” show him wielding the positivity he has controlled, while overcoming his troublesome past. He truly is an artist that shows all side of emotion.

“Love, Loyalty, and Respect (LLR) Is my motto and slogan I push to the fans,” Richy said. “I have it tatted over my heart. It’s what I stand for. Anyone who tries their best to live by this code is good in my books.”

And now, after finally fighting out from against the wall, Richy plans to bring that motto to the masses with Fearless in 2015.