The self-titled debut Celldweller album, released independently in 2003, has achieved a number of accolades and awards, from Billboard charting to industry recognized

Tenacity is a collection of high energy advertising & film/trailer licensing focused tracks from FiXT/Subterra Records & Position Music, featuring tracks by Blue

Music Video Credits: Director, Producer, Cinematographer & Editor: Kyle Danley

Cast (by order of appearance): Joe Gall Jeff Tabb Samantha Camden Tobi Newson

The debut Sunset Neon album, Starlight, is a blast of VHS inspired 80s nostalgia from Los Angeles artist/producer Bret, best known for his

When the album Machines of Our Disgrace released in 2016, the first new album from Circle of Dust in nearly 20 years, many

With every CD order you will receive a free sticker and with every apparel order you will receive a free tote bag (*while

Blue Stahli returns with an intense, cinematic cover of Billy Idol’s “Rebel Yell.” The anthemic track features a spine-chilling vocal performance from Blue

The self-titled debut Celldweller album, released independently in 2003, has achieved a number of accolades and awards, from Billboard charting to industry recognized

These are the Star Wars cover songs you’re looking for! Celldweller and Scandroid combine their Jedi mind tricks with 2 iconic Star


Scandroid’s sophomore album Monochrome is now available for pre-order as a limited edition double vinyl. The vinyl

FiXT has dozens of new items available from Celldweller, Scandroid, Blue Stahli, and Circle of Dust!

Limited edition 12″ and 7″ vinyls, new

The debut Sunset Neon album, Starlight, is a blast of VHS inspired 80s nostalgia from Los Angeles artist/producer Bret, best known for

FreqGen has departed on its next intergalactic journey with “Wanderlust,” a beautifully somber downtempo/ambient instrumental track. If you’re looking for the soundtrack to

The self-titled, debut Celldweller album, released independently in 2003, has achieved a number of accolades and awards, from Billboard charting to industry

The Circle of Dust Documentary is nearing completion. The team is busy at work in the editing bay, but we need just

Klayton (Celldweller) & FiXT are proud to present Raizer’s official music video for “Dawn.” Raizer was signed by Klayton to his independently owned/operated

Celldweller brings the heavy in this powerful remix from European artist/producer Drop, best known as a member of Sybreed! Just 1 of 30+ “Best-Of” Celldweller

SUNSET NEON – the new moniker of multi-genre artist/producer Blue Stahli – has shared his new single “You Are The

Chill out to this experimental remix of Blue Stahli’s “Metamorphosis” from FiXT label-mate lvl. Originally released under the moniker ‘Soknot Lebel’ during the

Hailing from Eastern Europe, Titan Slayer delivers his debut Film/TV/Video Game/Trailer album with Subterra Records.

Transhumanity is a hybrid cinematic fusion of rock,

Over 4.5 hours of Synthwave and ’80s Retro tracks from FiXT & Subterra Records, featuring music from Scandroid, Sunset Neon, Mega Drive,

The winning remix from the 2007 ‘Take It & Break It’ remix contest, is available now on music streaming platforms for the first

“Scandroid’s ability to channel the retro feel of the 1980s is unprecedented…” –

Detroit, MI – Electronic artist/producer Scandroid has released his

Beatman & Ludmilla recently landed their track “Always Faithful” from the Subterra Records Film/TV/Trailer album Forgotten in TV spots for Supergirl.

Over 4.5 hours of heavy bass music (Dubstep, Drumstep, Drum & Bass, Hard Electro) featuring SeamlessR, Josh Money, Celldweller, Rockman, Eric Evasion,

Venezuelan metal/drum & bass producer Zardonic has realigned his orbit of the galaxy with the Celldweller mothership with his world-crushing remix of “Electric

Scandroid has released “Oblivia” an instrumental synthwave single from his upcoming sophomore album, Monochrome.

“Scandroid promptly returns to original content with a

Echosynthetic is all about electronic music…whether it be synthwave, synthpop, EBM, industrial, or anything in between. They provide reviews of albums, both new

FiXT is dedicated to making our music available on all major digital platforms for stream & download. We also have physical merchandise

“He doesn’t care about the mainstream – he creates for himself.” – Garage Band Gamers

Take a peek inside the

Scandroid has premiered his anticipated cover of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” this morning via

“…while Jackson’s original doesn’t need any improving, the bombastic

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FiXT fans & customers may have noticed a new look to the weekly FiXT email – Inside FiXT. We’ve migrated e-mail platforms

Choose your allegiance of good vs. evil and “Suit Up” in this high-octane cyberpunk collaboration between hip-hop’s Southpaw Swagger with electronic-rock artist/producer Blue

“From the album comes lead single, “Tonight,” and to be honest, it’s the best damn thing I’ve heard in a very long time.

Inside Music is a show about life in the modern music business. Each week, host James Shotwell speaks with a musician

“the album sounds like it belongs on Stranger Things”

“Synthwave has never sounded better

Nearly 3 hours of emotional and heartfelt songs from FiXT & Subterra Records featuring tracks from Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Scandroid, I Will Never

FiXT needs YOU! We want to see you wearing our merch! There’s nothing we love more than showing the world our

Detroit, MI – Electronic/synthpop artist Scandroid has released the new single, “Afterglow” from his upcoming album Monochrome. The track showcases

Nearly 3 hours of drum & bass from FiXT and Subterra Records featuring tracks by Celldweller, Zardonic, The Qemists, Raizer, Muzzy, SeamlessR, Voicians,

Detroit, MI – Electronic-rock artist/producer Celldweller has announced the release of a collection of remixes from psy-trance group Growing

September 22, 2017 ———- Detroit, MI – Multi-faceted music producer, artist and film composer Klayton (Celldweller, Circle of Dust,

FiXT is proud to announce a deal with Merchbar to list featured artist merchandise items from the FiXT catalogue on the artist’s Spotify

Originally released as a bootleg remix, the Zardonic remix of Blue Stahli’s “Shotgun Senorita” has achieved a cult-following status, with millions of plays

Denial is lvl’s 2003 follow-up album to Devil’s Advocate. Denial marks a transition from the project’s use of chugging guitars and evolves into

Klayton and Blue Stahli recently landed their tracks “Weaponized” from Terraform Drums Vol. 01 and “Nemesis” from Premonitions

FiXT is proud to announce select releases from our catalog of music are now available for streaming in TouchTunes, the #1

Prepare for a return flight to Celldweller’s Offworld, and experience the album with a fresh set of ears as you journey through 10

Q1: What can fans expect from Antisleep Vol. 04? What’s unique about this release?

I think what’s rad about this one is

Scandroid returns with the full-length sophomore album Monochrome, available Friday, October 27th. Featuring 14 tracks, from the retro-synth pop hooks of “Afterglow,” “Rendezvous,”

‘Run The Track’ brings together electronic-rock artist/producer Blue Stahli with hip-hop artist Nyzzy Nyce in a genre defying mash-up of pure energy.

Working on this song with

You’re driving down the street, neon lights faintly reflected in the sunglasses you’re wearing at night. The scissor doors on the car open

Scandroid is proud to announce the best remixes of “Neo-Tokyo” from the official Scandroid Remix Contest! The compilation features 12 vocal remix versions

FiXT is proud to announce the official re-releases of lvl’s debut and sophomore albums: Devil’s Advocate and Denial. Each album has been remastered and includes a collection of

FreqGen is the electronic music playground of artist/producer Klayton (Celldweller). Using modular synths and analog hardware, FreqGen’s Transmissions album series deliver an expansive journey

Conversations with guitarists, bi-weekly, cranked to 11. Hosted by Erik Hall. Every guitarist has a story…

This week, I

“Got You” is a fun indie dance throwback to 80s breakdance battles and rollerskating down Venice beach with a boombox on your shoulder.

Scandroid is proud to announce the best remixes of “Aphelion” from the official Scandroid Remix Contest! The compilation features 9 vocal remix versions

Traverse across the vastness of space and time for your eternal love with Scandroid’s latest single, “A Thousand Years.” The poetic lyrics and

The Qemists return with a power-packed EP of new & live tracks along with hard hitting remixes on Warrior Soundsystem. Featuring intense rock

Offworld, Celldweller’s fourth vocal-based studio album departs from the project’s signature sound of aggressive guitars, blasting beats and ass-kicking intensity

Scandroid is proud to announce the best remixes of “Awakening With You” from the Scandroid Remix Contest sponsored by NewRetroWave! We appreciate everyone

Raizer has cut up the title track of the their debut album “We Are The Future”. They’ve morphed it into an epic

Born out of the screen glow flicker of late night VHS tapes and 80’s radness, Sunset Neon is the new project from multi-genre

This is the Star Wars cover you’re looking for:

Scandroid takes a Star Wars classic, “The Force Theme” and turns the synths up

The podcast about people who make cool music! Beyond Synth is an interview / conversational podcast with artists and producers who

Hit the neon-drenched dance floor of Neo-Tokyo’s hottest club and listen to the brand new Scandroid single “Rendezvous“. An upbeat anthem to late

Source Code,’ the second official DLC expansion pack to The Algorithm’s latest full-length album, ’Brute Force’, keeps the music rolling with 3 brand

Following the international success of the debut Scandroid album (Top 10 iTunes Electronic Album USA, Russia, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, Australia &

Blue Stahli just landed his track “Superhero Showdown” from Premonitions in the trailer for Power Rangers!

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The Ripple Effect Podcast has had historians on like Dan Carlin, musician Rou from Enter Shikari, scientist Cara Santa Maria, alternative

Electronic-Rock artist/producer Celldweller is back with a new single, “Electric Eye.” This drum & bass track, full of chugging guitar stabs, aggressive

For the first time ever, an instrumental version of a Circle of Dust album is available! Experience “Machines of Our Disgrace” all over


The first instrument I pursued wholeheartedly was the drums. I have always loved rhythm and thought it would be fun to create

Celldweller just landed his track “Birthright (Blue Stahli Remix)” from The Complete Cellout Vol. 01 in the trailer for Collide!



Listen Now:

Originally published via The Arcology Podcast.

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“A modular/analog hardware exploration of drum & bass, techno, IDM & ambient/chill soundscapes.”

Transmissions Vol. 04 continues the expansive voyage of the Celldweller

Nrdly was born out of a desire for two brothers to use their Nrd passions for good. We’ve since grown beyond the original idea

We Are The Future, the debut album from Eastern European quartet Raizer, features 11 tracks of aggressive, electronic drum & bass, intense guitars,

Machines of Our Disgrace marks the 5th full-length studio album for industrial music pioneer Circle of Dust, after a near 20 year hiatus.

Chordcast is a podcast for music lovers. Featuring reviews, discussion, stories, and interviews from artists both new and old.

On this

Witness the creation of the Celldweller album “End of an Empire” as Klayton gives you an unprecedented behind the scenes look in

Machines of Our Disgrace marks the 5th full-length studio album for industrial music pioneer Circle of Dust, after a near 20

Overclock,’ the official DLC expansion pack to The Algorithm’s latest full-length album, ’Brute Force’, heats things up with 3 brand new tracks +

Scandroid, the modern Synthwave project from Detroit based artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller, is Klayton’s love letter

Detroit, MI – Industrial music pioneer Circle of Dust has announced a new full-length studio album titled Machines of Our Disgrace, due December

Disengage – the fourth and final release from Circle of Dust before a nearly 20 year hiatus, has risen from the ashes in a

Scandroid, the modern Synthwave project from Detroit based artist/producer Klayton, best known for his multi-genre project Celldweller, is Klayton’s love letter

Blue Stahli just landed his track “Suit Up” from Antisleep Vol. 03 in the trailer for EVERSPACE™!

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Sonic State ( is a Network of Web properties catering to electronic musicians. Founded in 1995, Sonic State is now firmly established as

FiXT is proud to present the exclusive North American release of The Qemists new remix single for the title track to their latest

A follow-up to The Devil, Bret has unveiled the long awaited ‘Premonitions’ album.

The original idea for Premonitions was to take bits of

The third single from Raizer shows a lighter sound from the band. Aggressive guitars and wild synths are replaced by hypnotizing beats and

The One Stop Shop podcast is a weekly podcast that helps ambitious eCommerce entrepreneurs learn from the best, sponsored by Conversio. Conversio is the

Argyle Park – Misguided. The cult classic 90s industrial project, orchestrated by Celldweller/Circle of Dust creator Klayton and the mysterious Buka, featured an extensive list of guests, including: JG

The original Colors EP may have started as an experiment for Daniel Voicians, but Colors II marks the beginning of taking it forward


Raizer continue their survival of the apocalyptic future with their second single “We Are The Future”. With aggressive guitars, wild synths and

Metamorphosis – the third album released from Circle of Dust – was a rare gem among Klayton’s early discography that has been

“Forces” hails the emotionally evocative return of I Will Never Be The Same. In anticipation of the approaching 3rd full length album, Visitors,

Metamorphosis – the third album released from Circle of Dust – was a rare gem among Klayton’s early discography that has been shrouded

DJ Force X was joined by Voicians on a recent Podcast. They chat about his latest release ‘Survival League’, his feature on

Newly announced by Bret is the new Blue Stahli album series: ‘Abandonware’. To kick it off, the first single “Metrocenter 84” is released

The rise of Raizer begins in Eastern Europe, as four human-beings fight to survive the future apocalypse. The only weapon at their disposal

Unless you’re been digging through those liner notes on your brand new copy of Brainchild, you may not have realized that FiXT

The time you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived! The 1994 sophomore album Brainchild from Circle of Dust ushered in the continuation

We can’t stop listening to the latest Richy Nix remix album Fear Me Now at the FiXT Studios, and it got us

With the release of the brand new Voicians single Survival League, we heard some touching words about the inspiration of the track

The Algorithm has booted up his hard drive, inserted the floppy disk, and has launched a BRUTE FORCE assault across the

Between preparing for the grand finale to his self titled release Voicians, doing collabs with Muzzy and Maduk, and performing

Last week saw the official resurrection of Circle of Dust, along with the premiere of the brand new Blue Stahli remix

Ladies and Gentlemen….The Qemists have unleashed their latest album Warrior Sound – which binds their respective influences & styles together into one progressively cohesive and solid

When it comes to Circle of Dust, we know there’s some insanely passionate and dedicated fans. You may remember the story of

Trying to sift through the heavy computer music and dank memes that we’ve all come to expect from Rémi Gallego (better known by

Please welcome the UK drum & bass rockers The Qemists as the latest addition to the FiXT

It’s been nearly 20 years since the last Circle of Dust release. Today – that all changes.

If you signed up on

There’s no where to run.

Richy Nix may have taught you how to be Fearless with his debut FiXT CD last year, but

Episode #25

We welcome new sponsors FiXT and speak to one of their co-founders James Rhodes about the journey of the label from

Put your horns in the air, everybody. FiXT is happy to announce our newest artist – The Algorithm.

The brainchild of

No, your eyes do not deceive you. This is not a listing for an airbrushed van on Craigslist. Equip your “Headphones of

Scandroid is back, and this time Red isn’t walking the empty streets alone. For newest track in 2516, Red sought the help

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Inside Music is a show about life in the modern music business. Each week, host James Shotwell speaks with a musician

Earlier this year, FiXT was proud to welcome I Will Never Be The Same to our roster of incredible artists. Those of

Kelli Richards is the CEO of The All Access Group and the host of All Access Radio. As a highly sought-after consultant, super-connector, trusted advisor, celebrity

End of an Empire fever cannot be contained. Fresh after the release of the brand new artist album from Celldweller, FiXT

Ever since the FiXT Store announced a vinyl option for End of an Empire, we’ve had plenty of requests to show what the entire

After having just pulled the curtain on the pre-orders of End of an Empire, Celldweller followed up with an early download of

The time has arrived! End of an Empire— the third full length, studio artist album from Celldweller — is now up for pre-order

Learn more about 'The Devil' now!

Celldweller gives the details on his favorite sci-fi films!

The time of 'The Devil' is finally upon us.

Blackstar pre-orders are available now!

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Voicians delivers his dream collaborations!

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Listen to a brand new Voicians track now!

'Voicians (Part I)' is up for pre-order now!

A new SeamlessR tune has landed!

Celldweller and Atlas Plug are teaming up for the soundtrack of 'Killer Instinct Season 3'!

Celldweller’s incendiary electronic music comes synonymous with gaming. The earth-shattering drop into a breakdown; the tribal banging of the drums; the sheer exhilaration

Hear 'Fearless' in full before its July 24 release!

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

Learn a little more about FiXT's favorite German electronic rock artist through this exclusive interview.

'Death' is out now!

Stream the second single from 'Death' now!

Find out all of the happenings inside FiXT with this month's update.

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Listen to "Watch Over Us," from 'Fearless,' now!

The first remix from 'Death' comes courtesy of Zardonic—listen now!

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The FiXT experts weighed in on their favorite Celldweller releases. Did your favorite make the cut?

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The mystery is answered.

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Get lost in time with Celldweller in his new music video.

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Houston...we have "Transmissions Vol. 02"

Music from FiXT's own Blue Stahli showed up yesterday in the brand new trailer for 'Vendetta'.

FiXT's own German-based artist Voicians is giving away a pair of FREE signed posters right now via Facebook and YouTube contests.

Go inside of the mind of Darth Klayder with a detailed video outlining the making of Celldweller's "The Imperial March" cover!

You don't know the power of Celldweller.

Go inside the Empire with the second episode of "Start of an Empire"

Have you checked out the latest Cellevision?

FiXT producer and DJ SeamlessR finished his "The Making of 'The R Is Silent'" YouTube series.

Get the inside scoop on the latest FiXT signing, Richy Nix!

Canadian cross-genre explosion Richy Nix is the latest artist to jump aboard the FiXT spaceship!

Los Angeles-based one-man electronic rock project I Will Never Be The Same is joining the FiXT family!

Stop by the brand new, monthly INSIDE FiXT series to find out everything happening around FiXT HQ!

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Revolutionary to the point that it's breaking into charts on a consistent basis — Celldweller's 'End of an Empire' series has yet again landed on Billboard's Electronic Album chart.

We’re happy to showcase the partnership between your favorite label for hybrid electronic / rock music and the coolest place to play video

FiXT is proud to announce “Mech” a new line of original ‘FiXT’ branded merchandise! Mech 001 and Mech 002 are available for pre-order

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Straight off of the third chapter of the 'End of an Empire' series, 'Dreams', Celldweller's majestic new single, "Just Like You," can be streamed now!

Celldweller just landed his track “Down to Earth (Klayton Remix)” from End of an Empire (Chapter 02: Love) in the TV

German FiXT electronic rock recording artist Voicians has launched a new behind-the-scenes video blog series, "V/log," which will be posted regularly via his YouTube channel.

Industrial and electronic rock greats collide at Revolver Magazine with the premiere of the brand new Combichrist remix of the latest Celldweller single,"Good L_ck (Yo_'re F_cked)."

Mark your calendars and get your questions! Celldweller, Blue Stahli are hitting Twitch this Wednesday, March 4th at 5PM EST for an hour

FiXT’s own badass bass master SeamlessR (remember, the “R” is silent!) has dropped the first volume of his “How

The time is finally upon us. Right on schedule, Klayton has unveiled Chapter 03: Dreams of his latest album End of an Empire.  For

Emma Anzai of Sick Puppies talks about her collaboration with Blue Stahli on his new single, "Not Over Til We Say So."

Loudwire and electronic rock mastermind Blue Stahli have teamed up to premiere the brand new Stahli track, "Not Over Til We Say So."

Blue Stahli just landed his track “Kill Me Every Time” from Blue Stahli in the TV spot for Taken 3!

We’ve been seeing a lot of Live Upon A Blackstar here at the FiXT HQ this week. We’ve been rewatching the videos

If you’ve been following Blue Stahli on his social media, than it’s possible you’ve heard him teasing about his involvement on the upcoming

FiXT is excited to announce electronic rock artist Voicians as the newest member of the label family!

Welcome, one and all, to the new and improved FiXT Online!

Some of you may have noticed that over the last few months

Celldweller's latest album, End of an Empire, debuted in multiple iTunes and Billboard charts over recent months.

Blue Stahli's record "The Devil (Chapter 02) broke into the Billboard Hot Singles Chart at no. 24 after its release last July.

SeamlessR CreativeLive "FL Studio Synthesis" Master Class!

End of an Empire continues with the 2nd act in the prodigious third album from the hybrid electronic / rock artist Celldweller. Picking up right where ‘Chapter 01: Time’ left off, the “Love” chapter continues to build on the solely unique Celldweller fusion of compelling vocal melodies, destructive guitars, bewitching synthesis and atmospheres

Blue Stahli just landed his track “The Destroyer of All Things” from Antisleep Vol. 03 in the TV spot for Taken

Coming 2015, witness the creation of the Celldweller album End of an Empire as Klayton gives you an unprecedented behind the scenes look

YourEDM went in-depth in an interview with FiXT's own SeamlessR, — discussing his latest EP, "The R Is Silent," his CreativeLive course, and much more.

Loudwire and FiXT Music pioneer Celldweller teamed up to release the first single from the second installment of the "End of an Empire" series, titled "Love." This installment pushes the limits of rock-driven electronic music while sending the listener into a frenzy fueled by adrenaline and emotion.

Celldweller just landed his track “Faction 01” from End of an Empire (Chapter 01: Time) in the IMAX trailer for the

Celldweller just landed his track “Razorface” from the album Soundtrack For The Voices In My Head Chapter 03 Vol 01 in

New Retro fans, Red has just sent another track back from the year 2514, and this time it’s a ballad to the mysterious

Blue Stahli just landed his track “Something in The Woods” from Antisleep Vol. 03 in the trailer for The Evil Within!

Celldweller, prolific electronic rock architect, debuted the second single off of his critically-acclaimed album, "End of an Empire: Ch. 1: Time," via Loudwire. The song is the best of both worlds for Celldweller, mixing driven guitars with powerful and addictive electronics. The song premiere came after the release of the title track, "End of an Empire."

Alternative Press Magazine and groundbreaking electronic rock guru Celldweller have teamed up to premiere the exclusive Breathe Carolina of the Celldweller single "End of an Empire." The song comes directly off of "Time," the first installment of the four-record "End of an Empire" series being released by Celldweller.

Electronic rock mastermind Celldweller premiered his new single, "End of an Empire," exclusively with Revolver. The song is the first to be released from Celldweller's End of an Empire record series, coming off of Chapter 1, "Time."

Nothing is ever safe in the volatile streets of Old Tokyo, and more specially – no one. Raven is gone, and Red

Blue Stahli's forthcoming sophomore album, The Devil, gathers more steam with Chapter 02, which builds on the bullrush sonics of Chapter 01.

Blue Stahli just landed his track “The Beginning” from The Devil (Chapter 02) in the international trailer for X-Men: Days of

Ebook Template Download a Free Demo of Sonix The debut collection of royalty free samples from producer/artist/composer Klayton (Celldweller).

Venture into uncharted territory with the first volume of the ever-evolving Transmissions series - a collection of hardware focused sonic exploration unlike any Celldweller release you've heard before.

Horror culture website Bloody-Disgusting and Blue Stahli teamed up to premiere the lyric video for the booming track "Down In Flames."

High-octane electronic artist Blue Stahli teamed up with Loudwire to premiere, "The Fall," which is off of Stahli's highly-anticipated new record, "The Devil."

In June 2013 The Music Ninja and Celldweller paired up for an entire month of features surrounding the groundbreaking artist.

ArtistDirect teamed up with FiXT founder and electronic rock mastermind Celldweller to premiere "Behind The Scenes Part VI," the sixth installment of the video series celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Celldweller.

AltSounds and Celldweller teamed up to exclusively premiere "Behind The Scenes IV," the fourth video celebrating the 10-year anniversary of Celldweller.

Noisecreep teamed up with prominent electronic rock and FiXT Music artist Blue Stahli for a free download of the track "Atom Smasher."