Sunset Neon Launches Starlight Pre-Orders + “You Are The Sun” Song Premiere

SUNSET NEON – the new moniker of multi-genre artist/producer Blue Stahli – has shared his new single “You Are The Sun.” The track is featured on his forthcoming debut album Starlight, out on December 1st via FIXT, and available for pre-order HERE. Atwood Magazine refers to “You Are The Sun” as,“…a magical dance through warm vibes and nostalgic feelings, a passion-fueled echo aglow with deep synths and intimate vocals.”.

“‘You Are The Sun’ was sort of the prototype of the dreamier side of Sunset Neon and experimenting with going for a more lo-fi approach,” explains Neon. “Reducing bitrates, pitching audio down, filters all over the place. The demo vocals were recorded late at night through the built-in laptop mic, and I wound up really liking the ‘even softer’ vocal approach to pair with the haziness of the track. It’s caught in this weird in-between of dreamy lo-fi track, and kind of a slow nu disco thing, but mixing those genres together is part of what Sunset Neon is all about.”

Born out of the screen glow flicker of late night VHS tapes and 80s radness, Sunset Neon combines glitchy nu disco, chill lo-fi nostalgia, catchy pop melodies, midnight power anthems and the atmosphere of hazy neon-lit dreamscapes. “Sunset Neon came about because even though I would tease bits of 80s action as Blue Stahli with songs like ‘Never Dance Again,’ ‘Metrocenter 84,’ the actual track ‘Sunset Neon,’ and my recent remix of Scandroid’s ‘Shout,’ he explains. “I always had to make things fit a bit more with Blue Stahli as a whole, and that restricted some of the areas I’d want to explore within the realm of ‘everything 80s.’ Klayton from Celldweller/Scandroid/Circle of Dust suggested I create a new project to just go completely nuts and revel in the 80s fluorescence I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve dreamed about doing a project like this since I first started making music, so I’m freakishly excited to create some weirdo VHS music for nostalgia-tinged drives or the result of watching too many flicks like Terrorvision and Vamp over and over.”

Fans can stream + purchase “You Are The Sun” at their platform of choice HERE, and can pre-order the full album Starlight HERE. For more information on Sunset Neon, be sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.