Artist Update Feature: Ace Marino – Summer Never Ends

The end of the season is fast upon us, in a few short weeks we’ll be tearing down our pools and swapping our swim suits and beer for jackets, scarves and pumpkin spice lattes. But today is not that day and Ace Marino is here with a definitive list on rocking out every last drop of the remaining days with music, entertainment, fashion and pool party tips to make the best of the rest of our summers as the retro artist readies a brand new track unleashing on the masses in the coming weeks. Dive into Ace Marino’s guide to ruling the rest of summer one topless pool party at a time.

Ace’s Summer Soundtrack:

Top Gun Soundtrack/Theme song

Motley Crue

Van Halen

Ace Marino’s “Summer”

Late Night Binge-Worthy Movies

American Psycho (2000)

Bladerunner (1992 Director’s Cut)

Heathers (1988)

Ace Fashion Tips 

1. Tight jeans and black boots are the start to any outfit.

2. After that a sick vintage band tee with a denim jacket will give you the look but it’s not complete without long hair or a bandana.

3. Accessorize with some black bracelets and a dangly earring a la The Lost Boys.

I describe my aesthetic as ’30 years late to a Motley Crue show’

Summer Party Tips from Ace Marino 


Dress to express.

Focus on having fun, not being cool.

But most importantly, stay hydrated and don’t do shots of mezcal.

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