Artist Update: July 23, 2019

Soul Extract

Electronic-rock artist Soul Extract is set to release the first track from his upcoming junior album. The anticipated full-length album’s debut track “Samsara” offers listeners a cinematic experience featuring melancholic tones, intermingled programming and the artist’s signature guitar and assailing vocal work.

With a new album underway and all new material ready to unleash on the masses, we’re diving into the musical background of the artist in an exclusive interview from FiXT online contributor Leasia. Follow Soul Extract to stay up-to-date on all the latest as his new album features brand new material over the coming weeks!

How many instruments do you play and when did you start playing?

Guitar and keyboard are the only “real” instruments I know.  I would truly love to learn the violin one day though.  Such a beautiful instrument.I started playing the guitar around 14 after being inspired by Nirvana and I had to know how to make this music they were playing!  I really should be a lot better at guitar than I am, but I’ve only learned what I needed.I also took piano lessons when I was around 11 years old, but I just wasn’t interested at the time.  Some of that did come back to me during the making of Filaments and I was totally surprised!

What musicians do you admire/draw inspiration from?

Any musician I hear that makes me feel something I’ve never felt before.  At first it was of course Nirvana, but the most relevant has to be Klayton.  He got me interested in this rock / electronic fusion back in the old Circle of Dust days and I never went back after that.  To now be a part of his label is absolutely surreal and a huge honor.

Is your family musical?

My grandmother played the banjo, guitar and piano, but sadly not much in front of anyone.  My father doesn’t play any instruments, but he did tell me that he hears songs in his head he’s never heard before.  Maybe that’s where I get it!

Would you/have you considered touring? (Fixtians need to know this stuff!)

I would honestly love to.  However, a lot of things in my life would have to change for this to become a reality.  If it ever happens, it would have to be amazing and over the top!

Since you are using your sales to benefit New Day Foster Home, what made you decide to go into adoption?

Adoption was truly one of those spiritual moments where everything just fit into place and my wife and I decided this is something we had to do.  We had always wanted to bring a child into our home and love him/her instead of just sending money to an organization.  It has been both a challenging and rewarding experience that I would encourage anyone to do if capable.What greater gift in the universe is there apart from ‘love’?  We all have an infinite amount to give and everyone needs it!

Any advice for other musicians inspired by your work?

The fact that this is even a thing blows my mind.  I never set out to inspire anyone or be this or that.  I just wanted to make music and if people enjoy it, it makes it even more worth the while.That pretty much sums up my advice… Do what you do, for you, and no one else.  For nearly 15 years, I was the only person that listened to my music.  Occasionally I’d show my wife and son something cool, but that was it!  I just enjoyed making the stuff.

Finally, (from Kaelen, 12) how are your apple pies, really?

Lol… I know I talk a big game, but making an apple pie with a flaky golden crust is no easy task for me. In reality, mine are more like charred to a blackened crisp! I pretty much burn anything I bake. Carl Sagan once said, “To make an apple pie, you must first invent the universe”. I have a feeling I would’ve overcooked the universe too. (I actually did try to get permission to use that quote in the song, but sadly could not.)

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Mega Drive

FiXT Neon’s Mega Drive is also ready to premiere his latest track “NARCS” August 2nd. The artist has been readying new material in preparation for the continuation of his debut album 198XAD. Now, Mega Drive has returned to the dystopian world of his most acclaimed work with a direct sequel, 199XAD, which made its debut with single “Gun Hag”.

Mega Drive returned to the FiXT Neon label with a vengeance dual premiering “Gun Hag” with Nightride FM and The 80’s Guy YouTube Channel; transporting the listener through the Retroverse into an arcade realm of gunfire and mayhem as Mega Drive resurrected the imaginative, dystopian world of 198XAD as it takes on a monstrous new form with direct sequel: 199XAD.

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