Artist Updates: December 5, 2018


Scandroid’s aphotic 3rd album The Darkness is out now! The Darkness is Scandroid like you’ve never heard him before, as the artist unleashes his dark side across six brand new tracks. Never content to rest on what he’s already accomplished, Klayton, the mastermind behind the project, has driven his music into uncharted territory on The Darkness and given every song its own distinctive identity.

In addition to the six original tracks, Scandroid has packed The Darkness with electrifying remixes from some of the most talented and innovative artists in and around synthwave today. Even better, this new release is just the start of Scandroid’s latest creative opus, The Darkness and The Light. Fans will be able to immerse themselves in the second half, The Light, in 2019, with a complete full-length release to follow.

Join Scandroid’s journey through The Darkness and The Light:

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There are also big things coming from the world of the genre-blending composer Klayton; aside obviously from his synthwave passion-project Scandroid. With a full announcement coming Friday (December 7th) fans will get the chance to enjoy new works from Klayton/Celldweller well into the coming year! It’s going to be a very merry Christmas for Klayton/Celldweller fans and the FiXT family. To stay up-to-date as the news is breaking, follow Klayton and FiXT online for all the latest, or Klayton himself via his YouTube Channel!

Sit back and rest assured that I’m working on new Celldweller and my other projects, and look forward to sharing not only my new music with you, but music from the rest of the FiXT roster this coming year.

Also coming next year, the Celldweller clan will be expecting an addition as well in 2019! The newest Celldweller scion, or 3rd Wombdweller, won’t be expected to make his/her arrival until late spring, but Phoenix and Jericho are definitely ready for their new sibling now! Congratulations to your and yours Klayton and the exciting addition to your already beautiful family!

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