Artist Updates: January 30, 2019


We haven’t heard much from Scandroid in the last few weeks, but fret not weary music-lover, that injury will be remedied in February with new remixes and singles premiering ahead of the second installation of ‘The Darkness’ which released last fall, and ‘The Light’, coming in 2019.

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Soul Extract

Soul Extract is also releasing new material ahead of a new album ‘Filaments’, coming sometime in April. The latest track from Soul Extract, “Redshift” premieres this Friday with Space Untravel, and will be available for stream and purchase then.

“Redshift: A term used in astronomy where an object in space is perceived to shift more into the red spectrum the farther it moves away from the observer.
Everyone has experienced that feeling of betrayal when finding out a truth for themselves. A truth you once held near that has now entered a redshift as it moves farther away.
Believe what you believe and not what others tell you.  Try to find your own truth through yourself.” -Soul Extract

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