Artist Updates: July 31, 2019

Megan McDuffee

Last week FiXT Neon announced the addition of composer/producer Megan McDuffee to the retro synthwave label. Now the artist is ready to release the first single from her coming Cover EP with FiXT Neon “Blue Monday”.

McDuffee performing with MoonRunner83

The last several days though Megan McDuffee has been busy performing at the Terminus Festival in Calgary Canada featuring an insane lineup of talent including MoonRunner83, Viva Non, HELLO MOTH, Diesel Dudes, Melted-Mirror and many more! Follow McDuffee on Instagram to keep up with the latest as McDuffee begins to unleash her EP with FIXT Neon in the coming months.

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UK Synthwave duo LeBrock is also set to begin releasing more of their coming 2019 album with FiXT Neon. Their latest release, “Takes All Night” will unleash on the masses early in the second week of August.

LeBrock has also been busy with live performances at The Camden Rocks Festival in early June and the Retro Future Festival In London this past weekend.

The duo is planning to premiere “Take All Night” with Nightride FM, pairing an exclusive interview with the release Wednesday August 7th; the duo is also planning a Fan AMA with VAAG August 12th. Follow LeBrock to stay up-to-date on the latest as it’s happening!

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