Artist Updates: November 27th, 2019


FiXT Neon proudly announces the signing of new label artist Essenger! One of the most recognizable creators working in the synthwave genre today, Essenger’s music pulls influences from alt rock, EDM, and other modern genres, blending them seamlessly into a highly personal style marked by memorable lyrics. The result is a striking creative vision with darkly cinematic undertones.

Essenger’s brand new single, “After Dark,” is the first release from the artist’s upcoming full-length album of the same name. “After Dark” premiered yesterday Dancing Astronaut; the track is now available on all major listening platforms!

“After Dark” is a beautifully moody synthwave-oriented release, featuring the artist’s own melancholy vocals. Essenger drives his listeners deep into the unpredictable dark of night, beginning with a dreamy melody that drifts throughout the song. His voice gracefully sets the tone for the nostalgic soundscape he’s built over the course of the song’s duration. A shadowy drop adds to the overall mystery, and a powerful guitar melody near the end closes the song on an authoritative note.  –Dancing Astronaut

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Following the synthpop stylings of “Writing’s On The Wall” and the post-punk spirit of “Everywhere You Go,” Scandroid is turning to the chill side with a beautiful low-key creation on his latest single, “I Remember You.” Powered by heartfelt lyrics, Klayton uses gorgeously solemn synth tones to build an introspective environment around his vocal performance, reaching out to listeners with an intimate, semi-whispered singing style.

“I Remember You” provides a careful piece of balance to Scandroid’s upcoming fourth album, The Light, and is available this week as an instant-grat download for fans who purchase the full album. The Light marks the highly-anticipated follow-up to last year’s The Darkness, and includes seven original Scandroid tracks along with remixes from some of the biggest names in synthwave. The full album will be available in December through independent synthwave label FiXT Neon.

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