Artist Updates: October 28, 2019


Nutronic has a new single dropping soon with FiXT. “Moth Wings” offers a raw, harrowing, transformative crucible, drawing the listener along through a torrent of inner struggle woven into a smooth blend of hypnotic beats, strong guitars, and mesmerizing vocals. Nutronic’s sophomore release explores the agonizing, but honest, inner struggle of overcoming abuse as you conquer your past, and shed the lies, and become someone much stronger than you ever thought possible.


Last month FiXT announced Nutronic ahead of all new single “Code War”, a high-energy track marking the first from the pair as they officially join the FiXT label roster.  The duo has landed at FiXT after several years of of fusing hybrid electronic-rock through the respected EDM label Simplify Records, appealing to fans of artists like Pendulum, Muzzy, and Voicians. Nutronic’s music ultimately caught the ear of FiXT’s multi-genre label-owner, Celldweller, leading to the new formed alliance for a multi-album deal together. “Code War” marks the first in a series of singles coming in 2019 and 2020, ahead of a full-length album with FiXT in 2020.

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It’s official, a new artist has landed and is ready to take the synthwave world by storm! Yesterday FiXT Neon announced the launch of new label artist, Cassetter! A relatively new name in the synthwave world, Cassetter has quickly built a reputation for his top-flight production and his innovative take on a classic synthwave sound that pulls influences from a diverse array of outside genres.

Cassetter represents the best of synthwave’s past, present, and future, combining nostalgic synthwave melodies with modern songwriting elements and a cyberpunk edge for a sound that will appeal to incoming fans and diehards alike.

To celebrate, FiXT Neon is re-releasing Cassetter’s first full-length album, The Fugitive, complete with bonus tracks, while preparing to roll out a series of new singles in early 2020. Welcome aboard Cassetter!

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