Artist Updates: October 9, 2019

Fury Weekend

Fury Weekend’s long-awaited full-length album is here! Escape From Neon City delivers everything fans have loved about past releases while introducing greater song variety and thrilling new vocal collaborations. Each of the album’s 12 original tracks contain intense, often dark compositions packed with electrifying guitar riffs, cinematic synths, and Fury Weekend’s unmistakable production edge. From the heavily retro ’80s vibes of “Oblivion City” to the dark synthpop stylings of “Savior” featuring Josh Money and “Euphoria” with Scandroid, Escape From Neon City is a synthwave tour de force.

The inspiration is always the same – Life in a broader sense, people and personal events from my own life I adopt into the reality of Fury Weekend universe.
-Fury Weekend

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Fury Weekend’s music combines the ’80s nostalgia of synthwave with a hard-hitting, futuristic atmosphere backed by a signature guitar sound. The artist has established one of the largest followings in synthwave through a number of past EPs, though Escape From Neon City marks a significant milestone in Fury Weekend’s career, delivering a wealth of great music in one place and introducing vocal tracks to the music for the first time ever.

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The Anix

A technological storm is on the horizon. The Anix’s all new full-length album has arrived, Hologram unleashes on the masses this Friday October 11th. Hologram marks another masterfully crafted album, completely conceived, written, produced, performed, mixed, and mastered by The Anix’s sole mastermind composer/artist Brandon Smith, who took things even further by personally creating all the album artwork, promo photography and merchandise, including several hand-crafted, limited edition pieces. For modern music fans looking for the next visionary statement of leading-edge artistry, tech fashion, electronic and rock music combining into a single form factor, look no further than The Anix.

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Earlier this week the artist answered questions from fans, diving into details about everything from the meaning behind previous singles, musical influences and Brandon’s futuristic, cyberpunk aesthetic. Check it out!

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