Blue Stahli Production On Red’s Upcoming Album “Of Beauty And Rage”!

If you’ve been following Blue Stahli on his social media, than it’s possible you’ve heard him teasing about his involvement on the upcoming Red album Of Beauty And Rage. Well, the time is finally right to let you know exactly what to expect from this kick-ass collaboration.

Right from the opening of the album, you’ll get smacked with a healthy dose of Blue Stahli on the track “Impostor,” and from there-on you’ll hear unmistakeable Blue Stahli vocal melodies and production techniques that blend effortlessly with the direction of Red‘s fifth studio album. Blue Stahli lends his personal color by way of cinematic atmospheres, sound design, and some good ol’ fashioned Aphex Twin style glitching. Blue Stahli fans will be especially excited with some very familiar percussion that feels like an a Red-tinted sequel to the Antisleep Vol. 03 track “Death Hammer.”

Of Beauty And Rage drops on 02/24/15, where you can hear all of this Avenger-esque team up action for yourself. In the mean time, we’ve got some special behind-the-scenes shot from Blue Stahli himself as he worked with Red to make a special blend of purple at Dark Horse Recording Studios in Franklin, Tennessee.

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