Comaduster Premieres Ethereal Electronic Single ” Promise” Featuring Mari Kattman

“Riverbound” featuring female artist Mari Kattman, is the first installment of a two-part single release from enigmatic electronic artist Comaduster from upcoming 2019 album with FiXT. Ethereal tones coupled with lulling melodies and alluring vocals paint a scene wrought with an emotive complexity, leaving the listener unsure of the destination.

Methodically releasing new material ahead of anticipated album, Comaduster plans to further unveil his next project in the coming months; “Riverbound” offers a glimpse into the artist’s labyrinthine mind.

Thematically the tones and sounds of this series are based around digital and analog abuse, esoteric rhythmic theory, and vocals and lyrics that are more based around more personal experiences than my previous records

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