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In 2017 Business Insider found that a whopping 80% of people will break their New Years Resolutions by February. What begins as the start of a lifestyle change for many quickly becomes the bearer of negative self image and feelings of failure. It’s with this in mind and the knowledge that every one of us is on the road of health that we’d like to dedicate the entire month of February to health and fitness with FiXT Fit February!

We’ll be bringing you exclusive interviews, tips, daily motivations and of course amazing music to inspire and drive you through the month of February and onward through 2019 into perpetual  badass-dom. 

To start things off The Breaking Point Workout: Light Edition! What’s YOUR “breaking point”? The first of 3, 6 minute workouts that can be done either in the gym or at home, inspired by Celldweller and Joe Ford’s recent collaboration “Breaking Point” featuring Robin Adams.

The light edition is designed for a novice and/or beginner and meant to be done twice a day, either in succession or once in the morning and once at night. The exercises alternate based on the changing tempo so don’t worry about keeping track of count, just enjoy the music!

Take the challenge, test your “Breaking Point”.

“Breaking Point”: Light

0:00 – Warm up,  move around
0:17 – Jumping Jacks
0:33 – Squats 
1:05 – Breathe,  shake it out 
1:21 – Side Arm Circles
1:37 – Modified Pushups
2:10 – Low Plank Jacks
2:42 – Walk it out,  breathe
3:14 – Lunges
3:47 – Squat Jumps 
4:03 – Relax, lie down
4:19 – Flutter Kicks
4:35 – Modified Pushups 
4:52 – Low Plank Jacks 
5:24 – Squat Jumps 
5:40 – Breathe,  relax

So let’s burn those February Resolutions to the ground! Follow the FiXT Workout Playlist to keep motivated and stay with us this month as we embark on a new age of FiXT world domination.

Check out the official “FiXT Workout” Playlist!

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