FiXT Neon: End of Year Review

FiXT Neon is celebrating its first full year, and what a year it was! The label brought on board multiple new artists with unique and exciting visions for synthwave music, and fans were treated to an array of full-length albums and steady single releases throughout the year. Each label artist developed their personal sound into new spaces and delivered music with remarkably high overall quality, ensuring that each creator offered something special for listeners this year. Here’s a look back at some of the many highlights from each FiXT Neon artist in 2019!

Ace Marino

Ace Marino joined the FiXT Neon roster in April, releasing the aptly titled “The Flamingo Returns” featuring an engaging mix of synth programming that alternates keyboard claviature with effective vocal hooks. In May, the artist collaborated with dark-pop vocalist Roniit on the emotive synth track “Holding My Breath,” and a few weeks later took to the microphone himself on the nostalgic retro ballad “Summer.” Still feeling the heat of the mid-year months, Ace followed up his soulful summer smash with the energetic aerobic anthem “Muscle Beach” before bringing back the fall feels with an impassioned breakup ballad on “Spaces.” Finally, Ace Marino dove into darker territory with his Death Machine EP, which released just ahead of Halloween in mid-October. A full-length album from the mullet maestro is scheduled for release through FiXT Neon in 2020.

The Bad Dreamers

The Bad Dreamers’ David Schuler was officially announced to the FiXT Neon roster in early January with the release of his debut album Songs About People Including Myself, which earned critical acclaim and a dedicated fanbase. The artist followed up on the success of his album in May with the release of a brand new synthwave ballad, “New York Minute.” The artist took a different creative direction a few months later, weaving horror undertones into his signature pop style on the Exorcist-themed track “Georgetown.” The new singles lead up to a new sophomore album with FiXT Neon in 2020.


Label artist Cassetter joined the Neon roster in late 2019 and together they re-released the debut full-length album, The Fugitive, complete with bonus tracks and a new song featuring Megan McDuffee on “Eyes With a Soul.” Cassetter also remixed fellow FiXT Neon duo PRIZM’s retro powerhouse hit “All Night” with remarkable results. The year closed with the release of a complete collection of early demos and rarities from Cassetter’s early works, and the artist has new material slated for release in early 2020 leading up to the next full-length album with FiXT Neon.



FiXT Neon kicked off a new partnership with Essenger in November, releasing the brand new single “After Dark” ahead of a full-length album by the same name scheduled for January 2020. Pulling elements from contemporary EDM and weaving them into a darkened retro synthscape led by Essenger’s distinctive vocal style, the song tells a story of distance and longing through its cinematic composition. The artist’s second single, “Downfall,” featuring vocalist Lexi Norton, closed out the year for the artist and set the stage for a powerful start to 2020.


Russian synthwave trio 3FORCE joined the FiXT Neon label in late 2018, re-releasing preceding albums Intergalactic and Resistance before turning to original music in March of this year on the single “Guardian Angel” featuring UK vocalist Robin Adams. The group steadily released new tracks throughout 2019; “Shape Shifter” dropped in April, “Lost & Found” featuring FiXT artist Raizer followed in May,  “Promise” featuring Megan McDuffee released in July, and the instrumental “Future Frame” landed in September. Another collaboration with Robin Adams on “Uprising” premiered in late October and a cover of the Death Stranding Theme, “Once There Was An Explosion,” dropped in mid-November ahead of an anticipated third album from the trio in 2020.

Fury Weekend

It was a big year for Fury Weekend, with the artist’s numbers growing consistently from month to month across a series of powerful new singles and a full-length album on Escape From Neon City. The result helped Fury Weekend become one of the most popular rising artists in the genre. Song highlights from the year include “Euphoria” featuring Scandroid in January, “Thousand Lights” featuring Megan McDuffee in March, “Savior” featuring Josh Money in May, “Nightfall” in June, and “Towards The Wind” in August ahead of the full album release in October. Fury Weekend has already created several new songs for the next album, and fresh singles will be out from FiXT Neon in early 2020.


LeBrock officially joined the FiXT Neon roster in early February, re-releasing their albums Action & Romance and Real Thing ahead of a string of original singles. The upbeat track “Bright Lights” led the pack with a mid-May premiere, followed by a heartfelt single on “Takes All Night” and the cosmic love ballad “Interstellar.” The tracks lead up to a full-length sophomore album anticipated for release in 2020.

Mega Drive

After releasing the classic darksynth album 198XAD in 2014 through FiXT, synthwave artist Mega Drive returned to the cyberpunk world of the original with a direct sequel this year on 199XAD. Advance singles from the album included “Gun Hag” in July, “NARCS” in August, and “SKULjammer” later the same month. Pre-order instant-grats “Source Code” and “Terror Eyes” were also released ahead of the official full album release of 199XAD in early October.


MoonRunner83 is the second newest addition to the FiXT Neon roster, having just joined in November. FiXT Neon and the artist celebrated the union by re-releasing the first three recordings, Datsun Sundown, Hearts On Fire, and the EP Streets in the process. A brand new video for “Hearts on Fire” is scheduled for the end of the year, and Moonrunner83 has already begun work on the next album. Original material featuring the artist’s magical pop songwriting style will be out from FiXT Neon in early 2020.


PYLOT continued building the story around his narrative-driven work on the shadowy sophomore EP Solai. The full release was preceded by advance singles “Alice,” released the day after Valentine’s Day, and “Lost” in the first week of March. Also in March, “Faded Light” premiered with YourEDM ahead of the full-album release. Solai was a hit with fans, bringing in hundreds of thousands of streams on individual tracks across the year.


PRIZM joined the FiXT Neon roster in July, re-releasing their self-titled EP ahead of a series of singles beginning with “We Were Young” in September, a cover song mash-up medley titled “Midnight FM” in October, and the nostalgic synth offering “Can’t Go Back” in mid-December. The group also knocked out a hit remix of Scandroid’s “Writing’s On The Wall” and enjoyed rapid growth in their fanbase in the back half of the year. The group has new material scheduled for release through FiXT Neon into 2020 with a brand new music video for “All Night” slated for a January release.


Scandroid unleashed the first of a two-part album, The Darkness, in late 2018, and spent 2019 building up to the release of the companion album, The Light. The first single from the new album was the synthpop hit “Writing’s On The Wall” in October, while November saw the release of “Everywhere You Go” and “I Remember You” ahead of the album’s full debut on December 13th. The complete version of The Light also includes remixes from several notable artists, making it a well-rounded and content-rich recording. Fans can look forward to a deluxe double album release in 2020, The Darkness and the Light.

Signal Void

Synthwave artist Signal Void is the newest addition to the FiXT Neon family, having just made his way to the retro roster in early December. The announcement was marked by the complete repackaging and re-release of the artist’s early singles onto the dark cyberpunk offering, This Liminal Reality. New tracks are in the works and Signal Void has an anticipated 2020 follow-up album through FiXT Neon.