INTRODUCING A New Way To Use FiXT Music On Your YouTube Channel

FiXT is ecstatic to announce the BRAND NEW launch of What will you find at the site? Just an opportunity to access over 10,000 songs from FiXT and Position Music to use on your YouTube channel.

This partnership between FiXT, Position MusicThe Freedom! Network is aimed to help you (yeah, you! The gamer, videographer, musician, or other type of YouTuber) pair amazing music with the videos you release on your partnered/monetized channel. Freedom! Network users can use any of the FiXT music like Celldweller, SeamlessR, or Blue Stahli, as well as other great tracks from Position Music, for absolutely free, while non-users can pay a one-time fee of $19.99 per song, per video.

This program is 100 percent free to join and allows you to monetize your videos through using the music — so why not hop on board and help share FiXT music while adding some killer tunes to your video?

Ready to learn more? Check out all of the info here!