The Bad Dreamers

David Schuler is The Bad Dreamers, an LA-based artist fusing the nostalgic charm of synthwave with the innovation of modern pop for one of the most recognizable and exciting sounds in contemporary music. The artist honed his perfectly balanced songwriting style and top-flight production skills as a music industry professional working with artists like Pink, John Legend, and New Politics.

The Bad Dreamers provides an opportunity for Schuler to explore a more personal approach to his music. His highly melodic style and intensely poetic lyrics quickly attracted a fanbase with the release of his first singles in 2018, which were followed by a popular collaboration with Timecop1983 on the song “Back to You.” Schuler released his debut album, Songs About People Including Myself in late 2018 through FiXT Neon, and in addition to praise from fans, the album racked up critical accolades; NewRetroWave named The Bad Dreamers number one on their list of the Top 10 Newcomers of 2018, and Iron Skullet placed Songs About People Including Myself in the top spot on the Top 10 Popwave Albums of 2018.

The Bad Dreamers gained further recognition in the summer of 2019 through a series of live shows alongside beloved pop synthwave act FM-84. The shows coincided with the release of brand new music from The Bad Dreamers, including the heartfelt “New York Minute.” In September 2019, The Bad Dreamers released one of the most remarkable songs in the retro synth world to date, “Georgetown,” which explores a complex dynamic between Father Damien Karras of The Exorcist and the demon Pazuzu. The light yet subtly haunting track adds a new dimension to The Bad Dreamers discography and further reveals the artfulness and conceptual consideration behind each of the creator’s songs.

“New York Minute” and “Georgetown” lead the way toward The Bad Dreamers highly-anticipated sophomore album, which is currently in progress and has an anticipated release date in 2020.

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