The Bad Dreamers

David Schuler is The Bad Dreamers, an LA-based act fusing the nostalgic charm of synthwave with the innovation of modern pop for one of the most recognizable and exciting sounds in contemporary music. The artist honed his perfectly balanced songwriting style and top-flight production skills as a music industry professional working with artists like Pink, John Legend, and New Politics.

The Bad Dreamers provides an opportunity for Schuler to explore a more personal approach to his music, and initially served as a means of creating a soundtrack for his short film project, The Offer. The Bad Dreamers ultimately evolved into a standalone effort, and Schuler began earning notoriety through a series of successful singles and a popular collaboration with Timecop1983 on the song “Back to You.”

In 2018, Schuler released The Bad Dreamers’ first full-length album, Songs About People Including Myself,  and the recording quickly connected with a synthwave fan base looking for fresh approaches to the genre.

In addition to praise from fans, the album racked up critical accolades upon its release: NewRetroWave named The Bad Dreamers number one on their list of the Top 10 Newcomers of 2018, and Iron Skullet placed Songs About People Including Myself in the top spot on the Top 10 Popwave Albums of 2018. The recording even earned a rare 95 / 100 in Iron Skullet’s full review.

Even without the backing of a major label, Songs About People Including Myself gained a place alongside some of the biggest artists in and around synthwave, including The Midnight and Gunship, and it became clear the project was destined for bigger things.

Riding on the ever-growing success of the debut, The Bad Dreamers kicked off 2019 by signing with FiXT Neon. The label is giving Songs About People Including Myself a proper re-release while Schuler returns to the studio to prepare for a follow-up recording. With an acclaimed album to his name and the support of a groundbreaking label moving forward, it’s safe to say that great things lie in store for Schuler and The Bad Dreamers.

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