Blue Stahli – The Devil (Chapter 02)

Blue Stahli – The Devil (Chapter 02)

What’s wrong with kids in this town? Forking somebody’s lawn is a prank as old as time (or at least as old as cheap bags of plastic forks). But you’ve never seen anyone make all the forks out of tiny sticks and twine. And Halloween is months away, but you keep glimpsing a kid running around the neighborhood dressed as a red devil. A child having fun shouldn’t send chills down your spine, but…there it is again. A toddler laughing maniacally, the sound carried on the wind, seeming to come from everywhere and nowhere at once. Maybe it’s time to move. But first you have to de-fork your front yard…

Blue Stahli’s forthcoming sophomore album, The Devil, gathers more steam with Chapter 02, which builds on the bullrush sonics of Chapter 01. Two new songs, “Ready Aim Fire” and “Enemy”, kick out head-chopping metal riffs and breakneck breakbeats. These are fleshed out by two instrumental interludes and three remixes by Wildpuppet, OCTiV, and Animattronic that explore the electronic possibilities inherent in Blue Stahli’s tunage. If the devil’s gonna getcha, at least go down with good music reverberating through your skull.

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