Mega Drive Returns With First Single from ‘199XAD’, ” Gun Hag”

Mega Drive has returned to the FiXT Neon label with a vengeance. The artist dual premiered his latest original single “Gun Hag” with Nightride FM and The 80’s Guy YouTube Channel. “Gun Hag” is the lead-off single from Mega Drive’s 199XAD album, a direct sequel to the artist’s celebrated cult classic, 198XAD. The new recording revisits the songwriting and production style of the first while upgrading it with five years worth of skills and creative experience that Mega Drive has gained since then. The result is a detailed and riveting recording that swings from pummeling tracks like “Gun Hag” to glitched-out, atmospheric pieces with a cyberpunk flair that bring to life the imaginative, dystopian world of 199XAD. The full album will be available later this year through FiXT Neon.


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Heavy synths and unrelenting beats transport the listener through the Retroverse into an arcade realm of gunfire and mayhem as Mega Drive delivers his first single from 199XAD, coming later in 2019 on FiXT Neon, as the triumphant sequel to the iconic Mega Drive synthwave album 198XAD.


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