Noisecreep Offers Exclusive, Free Download of Blue Stahli Instrumental “Atom Smasher”

Noisecreep teamed up with prominent electronic rock and FiXT Music artist Blue Stahli for a free download of the track “Atom Smasher.” The song comes straight off of the Blue Stahli release Antisleep Vol. 3. Stahli had this to say about the track:

‘Atom Smasher’ is a soundtrack to a nonexistent movie filled to the brim with hyperstylized ultraviolence. Though I typically like doing more vocal material with an angle toward chainsaw guitars, it was a blast to make a cinematic monster built out of pissed off electronics.

Amy Sciarretto at Noisecreep described the song as follows:

It’s ominous, creepy and will haunt your dreams; those are all hallmarks of a quality hard rock and industrial aggro song, which is exactly what “Atom Smasher” is.

Listen to “Atom Smasher” here: