Signal Void

By embracing the soul of ‘80s synth music and film scores and translating those ideas into a forward-thinking approach to synthwave, Canadian artist Signal Void is redefining possibilities for cyberpunk music. The artist’s unparalleled creative style and lush production techniques bring the world of his music to life, creating a compelling vision of the retro-future where daily life and cyberspace are intertwined.

The vision of this world is expressed through Signal Void’s shadowy cinematic pieces, which often lean on heavy rhythm sections and beautiful, cascading melodies. The balance of light and dark in the music reflects the artist’s conceptual interest in the liminal space between the real world and the Net, a cyber-reality that has become corrupted by the mysterious Signal Void.

Signal Void released his first singles in 2018, and after finding a highly receptive audience to the music, connected with independent synthwave record label FiXT Neon for a multi-album deal. The label repackaged and re-released Signal Void’s early singles into a complete album, This Liminal Reality, at the close of 2019. The recording sets the stage for a powerful future from this visionary creator, and fans can look forward to brand new singles from Signal Void in early 2020.

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