Sunset Neon Releases Debut Album ‘Starlight’

The debut Sunset Neon album, Starlight, is a blast of VHS inspired 80s nostalgia from Los Angeles artist/producer Bret, best known for his electronic-rock project Blue Stahli. The album ranges from Indie Pop tracks like “Got You” and “Never Dance Again” to glitchy Future Funk / Nu Disco on “Lazer Pink,” “Everything,” “Strut,” and a hard hitting Electro Funk cover of Prince’s smash hit “Kiss.” The album also delivers lo-fi chill moments on “You Are The Sun,” and “Metrocenter 84” to the electric-guitar power anthem “Tonight” which feels straight out of a Rocky film training montage. The album’s 12 original tracks conclude with a tropical / deep house remix from fellow L.A. artist/producer Yung Bae.

“Sunset Neon came about because even though I would tease bits of 80s action as Blue Stahli with songs like “Never Dance Again”, “Metrocenter 84”, the actual track “Sunset Neon”, and my recent remix of Scandroid’s “Shout”, I always had to make things fit a bit more with Blue Stahli as a whole, and that restricted some of the areas I’d want to explore within the realm of “everything 80s”. Klayton from Celldweller/Scandroid/Circle of Dust suggested I create a new project to just go completely nuts and revel in the 80s fluorescence I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve dreamed about doing a project like this since I first started making music, so I’m freakishly excited to create some weirdo VHS music for nostalgia-tinged drives or the result of watching too many flicks like ‘Terrorvision’ and ‘Vamp’ over and over.” – Sunset Neon

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