Twitch Gets FiXT!

We’re happy to showcase the partnership between your favorite label for hybrid electronic / rock music and the coolest place to play video games on the internet – TWITCH.TV!

To start with, you’ll be able to find a 24-Hour Twitch stream of non-stop FiXT music along with a chat-room full of awesome people who share your love of all of the killer artists on FiXT Music! If you’re lucky, you’ll find Celldweller, Blue Stahli, Voicians and SeamlessR hanging out in the room talking to fans, and we’ll be doing tons of gaming streams, album listening parties, QnA’s and more!

If you’re a Twitch streamer, we’ve got good news for you too! FiXT is now offering collection of 100% VOD friendly music so you don’t have to worry about ever having your channel muted.

Giveaways and special subscription-only events will be starting soon, so if you aren’t a member already, head over to the FiXT channel and subscribe! Or at the very least, go rock out to some great music!