Voicians Launches New YouTube “\V/log,” Debuts First Episode

German FiXT electronic rock recording artist Voicians has launched a new behind-the-scenes video blog series, “\V/log,” which will be posted regularly via his YouTube channel.

Voicians posted his first update yesterday, an inside look at the studio (which also featured some killer Voicians tunes).

Dive into the mind of Voicians with the exclusive inside look at his studio here:

Voicians had this to say about his new \V/log series:

I think it’s cool to see the person behind the artist and to be able to ask questions and see what the artist is up to. Everyone who’s interested in the latest Voicians news is most welcome. I’m happy to answer questions and share the latest news with you guys! I plan to update my \V/log section frequently, at least a few times per month. I’m really looking forward to seeing you on my channel!

Voicians released his first single, “Empire” off of his upcoming record via FiXT earlier this year. Purchase the song now in the FiXT store!