‘Voicians (Part I)’ Out Now!

The inagural release from German-based FiXT artist Voicians is for sale now worldwide! The record, Voicians (Part I), features five original songs from Voicians, as well as an acoustic rendition of “Empire” and a remix of the new single, “Alive,” by The Magic Puppet!

A deluxe edition of the release is available via the FiXT Store, while the seven-song release can be purchased on iTunes or streamed via Spotify now.

One of the songs from the record, “This Pain Feels Real,” premiered yesterday via ReGen Magazine! The music website called the track “[a] highly emotive and electrified blend of intensely passionate melodies and intricate arrangements bridging the gap between EDM, alt. rock, and various musical points in between.”

Stream “This Pain Feels Real” now:

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