YourEDM Interviews SeamlessR, Offers Free Download for “The R Is Silent”

YourEDM went in-depth in an interview with FiXT’s own SeamlessR, — discussing his latest EP, The R Is Silent, his CreativeLive course, and much more. YourEDM also offered readers a free download of the title track off of the new EP exclusively in the post. Here’s an exceprt from the interview:

You make tons of differing styles of music, so I was wondering how you feel about genres/sub-genres?

I have only recently gotten kind of a hold on what certain genres are or are called. I put all of what I do under the umbrella of “bass music” and are really only other genres as determined by their BPM. It seems like every single day a new genre shows up and I am never on top of that.

Tyler Trew of YourEDM had this to say about SeamlessR in the interview:

There are few producers out there who can just make whatever music they want. Whether it’s because they are holding themselves back, or their label, or whomever else can impede the process, its seems that SeamlessR is immune to having to conform to those issues. His songs range from, well, pretty much everything to anything he can imagine. He recently released his EP, The R Is Silent, which will serve as a perfect example of his diverse palet.

Check out a preview for The R Is Silent here: